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Content Marketing Matters

Do you struggle to be seen and heard among the overwhelming noise on the web?Do you wonder why people aren't viewing your content?Do you know what impact your content is having on your market? Whether you're just starting with your content marketing efforts, or you've...

Learn how to define brand content that will bring your audience to you, creating different types of content that will make it happen and look at how to make sure your content is visible in all the right places, where your market is sure to see you. The course includes a coursebook covering all the details of how to build timeless brand content, a workbook for completing activities, a list of a few popular content creation tools, a content calendar to help you plan out what you learned, and a LOT more.


Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction  - Preview
Module 2 Reasons you might not be using content marketing
Unit 1 Reasons You May Not Be Using Content Marketing Yet
Module 3 Create Your Content Strategy
Unit 1 5 Keys to Building Timeless Brand Content
Unit 2 Putting the 'Marketing' into Your Brand Content
Unit 3 Gather Your Content Research
Unit 4 Create Your Content Strategy
Module 4 The 6 Types of Content You Need to Create
Unit 1 Text Content
Unit 2 Visual Content
Unit 3 Audio Content
Unit 4 Video Content
Unit 5 Interactive Content
Unit 6 Stories
Module 5 Repurpose Your Content
Unit 1 Repurpose Your Content
Module 6 Spread the Word about Content
Unit 1 Where Will You Share Your Content?
Unit 2 Email – Still the Most Personal Content Marketing Channel
Unit 3 Social Media - Creating Viral Content
Unit 4 Mobile Content - Making Your Content Mobile-Friendly
Unit 5 Going Global - Expanding Your Content into New Markets
Module 7 Review and Refine
Unit 1 Review & Refine